Laopan Inc. | International Trade Specialist

For 20 years Laopan Inc. has worked with companies to navigate the fast changing opportunities that exist in the global trade arena. Our business savvy and creativity, built on a strong foundation of integrity has helped our clients remain competitive in the international marketplace.

Laopan, Inc. specializes in the facilitation of imports and exports for a variety of industries. Our expertise includes the processing of all forms of domestic and foreign documentation, licensing and distribution agreements. Laopan has the ability to assist with all types of transactions throughout the world.

Laopan Inc.'s President Dennis Donsker and his staff are available to assist you with all your importing and exporting needs. We can handle commercial invoicing, certifications for government compliance, pricing, purchasing, shipping, and warehousing; as well as assist with your licensing structure, administration and procurement of new licenses. By structuring your letters of credit appropriately, we can minimize your costs and increase your protection.

Laopan Inc. also has a sourcing division that assists both foreign and domestic buyers in finding manufacturers to produce products to their specifications.